I am loving this ab roller. My husband and I uses this ab roller.  When we first started using this, we could not see our abs. But with a healthy diet, some bodyfat loss, cardio, we've lost quite a bit of weight. And as long as you're using this ab roller properly, you can get great results.  

Otilia F.

Great way to activate your core at the beginning of an ab workout. Feels solid and because its rounded and stablized with resistance band it lets you stretch out to the sides to work your obliques.

Brett P

I've been hunched at a desk job for 20 years and have constant back pain and the occasional spasms. This product is amazing to relax into and stretch out my back and hips after sitting for 9-10 hours.  I can feel my back getting stronger and my pain is gone!

David X.

I was skeptical at firs, but within 3 days the nerve pain form my Sciatica was gone! This is great product to stretch your back and you basically do nothing but laying down on it!

Don N.